Here are some of the thougths that go through my head

Squares in a Cloud of Green
Squares in a Cloud of Green
Sheep eyes, saddened and deep with remorse,
Ignite memories of long legs framing heaven's moist smile.
Amber nectar on welcoming lips recaptures moments lost.
Pleasure, promised in a fleeting glance.
Possible rendezvous from knock back blues.
To see you is to want you, to revisit you, to be in you.
Flashing fingers spark with images of scratching and biting.
The lush smell of your hair as you open your wares.
As tangents we dance, lost in our past; our lost love.
Remembering panting and thrusting in a devious dance,
Now ashamed as good will and trust are poisoned and lost.

Squares in a Cloud of Green

Squares in a Cloud of Green

Meeting a lost love is never easy. You know you will never react to any latent feelings as it is impossible to recapture the moments you shared- however, your libido still thinks you can. New Haven October 1994. Copyright CJ Lemmon.

Mediterranean Mood

Mediterranean Mood

An observation on escorts from Monte Carlo and the mixed emotions and indifference both the lady and her companion experience during the transaction. Antibes June 1991. Copyright CJ Lemmon.

Memory Can Never Replace You

Memory Can Never Replace You

A continual work in progress which morphs to my emotions and adapts to my experiences and how they impact on my life at the time they were written. Various locations from New York to Dubai. 1995-2014. Copyright CJ Lemmon.

Sometimes You Don't Need to Say Sorry

Sometimes You Don't Need to Say Sorry

This poem is about guilt and regret in an environment where it neither needs to be said or felt in the relationship between family members. London July 1995. Copyright CJ Lemmon.

Scribbles not Scriptures

A collection of poems and short stories about my travels the people I meet, my family and hard times I experienced over the last 35 years.

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